On The Rod

On The Rod is a 322 page artist’s book project that used collaging, over-painting, erasure poetry-ing, postcarding and illustration techniques to satirize, critique, and obliterate a single copy of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and turn it into a queer feminist interjection. It is not a homage. It is not a retelling. It is not a copy of the original found object/book, or an adaptation. It has been totally transformed, it is unrecognizable. There is no sensible narrative. While in production, the pages were done in random sequence. It can be read in any order, and makes (non)sense with pages in isolation, and as a totality. It was broken, so I fixed it.

2500+ postcards (all reproductions of various pages from On The Rod) were lovingly placed in random library books throughout Melbourne (& in select other locations), for readers to find and keep.

Really, I just wanted to have more poems in the State Library of Victoria than some other dude like Les Murray or Banjo Patterson, while fixing Jack Kerouac’s misogynistic ‘masterpiece’. Two birds. One stone.

You can see the book being posted with a page a day on:

twitter: x_rVb_x

instagram: ontherod_artistsbook

FB: http://www.facebook.com/ReVerseButcherArtistsBooks







01) Satire-Parody-Unauthorised statement


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